w a t e r [ w a r ] s   e ve n t s



water[war]s, New Orleans 2006Artistic Ancestry Project, New Orleans, December 2006

Magdalena USA, Providence, Rhode Island, August 2005

Hemispheric Institute, New York City, July 2003

Magdalena Australia, Brisbane, Australia, April 2003

ANET Festival, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, December 2002

Magdalena Pacifica, Cali, Colombia, September 2002


buckets Silkeborg:
June - September 2002
A gallery installation and performance.
Water[war]s at TransitTransit:
Holstebro, Denmark,
January 2001
A 5 day process culminating in a presentation and a cyberformance.

Right, a photo from the presentation; the audience are standing around a set of 500 buckets filled with water, in which 3 performers are situated, with slides on the rear wall.

INFANT: Novi Sad, Yugosalvia, June 2000
Photography: Agata Skowronek



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