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anon about summer of music and thunderstorms
Tue, 02.09.2014 20:10

helen about hankering for handkerchiefs
Sun, 12.06.2011 22:11
thanks! i'll email you my addr ess :-) & yes, ironing things like hankies, serviettes, teat owels, even pillow-cases [...]

Meliors about hankering for handkerchiefs
Sun, 12.06.2011 17:01
I have about 20 hankies in reg ular use and about 8 cloth nap kins. I buy them in op shops, with preference for pret [...]

helen about gendered language
Mon, 24.01.2011 22:05
thanks for this, i didn't know about Rechtschreibreform. i'm not sure that it makes it any easier ... just have to [...]

Tuttle about gendered language
Mon, 24.01.2011 06:16
Yes, you're right. Gernder in formal German is binary, plus a neutral form, which is not n eutral, but is used for [...]

helen about 6 monthly report
Fri, 15.10.2010 19:53
the compost bin has returned! phew :-)

helen about wiesn wetter
Sun, 26.09.2010 07:20
thanks & glad you like it all :-) you should be able to subs cribe via RSS through your bro wser - if you're using f [...]

Nik about wiesn wetter
Sat, 25.09.2010 02:08
Hey Helen, Im having a good lo ok around at ur creations. Lov e the cyperspace stuff im stil l learning the internet [...]

helen about when old is really old
Wed, 09.06.2010 18:38
yes! i would love to! : )

Aileen about when old is really old
Wed, 09.06.2010 07:40
When I lived in Innsbruck, Bri xen was one of my favorite pla ces to visit. Reading this, I' d like to go back again. [...]

Meliors about siberry sunset
Sat, 06.02.2010 11:20
Wow, Jane Siberry is fantastic ! I would love to have seen he r live, especially in such int imate and beautiful surr [...]

Michelle about a hoarder reforms ...
Tue, 05.01.2010 19:41
I fully understand!! I'm a ho arder - trying to wean myself off this disgusting habit thou gh!! But it's not easy.

helen about a hoarder reforms ...
Tue, 15.12.2009 20:56
ouch! you know i do better wit h positive encouragement, not brutal challenge! ; )

brenda about a hoarder reforms ...
Tue, 15.12.2009 20:02
Only a third?? Go on, be more ruthless, I bet you could do a nother third on the second pas s.

helen about margaret joan holmes, a.m., 1909-2009
Wed, 23.09.2009 09:58
thanks, meliors; & yes it is s till sad, especially for me to be so far away from the rest of the family at this ti [...]