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The Colliders are all experienced in teaching workshops and giving lectures and presentations about our work in a variety of situations: schools, tertiary institutions, arts organisations, festivals and informal learning environments.

Lectures and presentations

Responding to the interests of the audience and the themes of the situation, our lectures and presentations give an introduction to our work in the context of digital art and theatre, as well as digital communication and interactive technologies. In venues where internet access is available, the speaker may be joined online by other Colliders contributing to the discussions or giving short performances.


The aim of our workshops are to give people a practical introduction to the use of the internet as a creative performance medium. Participants will have hands-on experience of the software and will explore online devising processes, story development and the creation of avatars, backgrounds and props.

"The workshop was inspirational in the possibilities it generated." Michael Mayhew, artist.

The length and extent of the workshop is tailored to suit the requirements of each group. In-depth workshops can lead to a short performance by the participants, and all workshops aim to give participants the basic skills and information to continue the work outside of the workshop.

Generally, host organisations will need to provide an internet-connected computer for each participant (or internet connection for those bringing their own laptops), headphones for each computer, an internet connection for the tutor's computer, data projector and screen. Participants do not need any particular skills but a level of familiarity with computers is an advantage.

As a sample, read the documentation of the workshop at Manchester Metropolitan University, 2004.

Helen giving lecture at Glasgow School of Art

Karla at Furtherfield

Karla Ptacek presenting our current work-in-progress, "Lagging with the Lololols", at the Furtherfield Networking Party, 14 June 2003.

INFANT Festival workshop, Novi Sad

Past Lectures, Presentations and Workshops:
  • Presentation, Digital Resources for the Humanities & Arts Conference, Dartington UK, Sept 2007
  • Workshop, Eclectic Tech Carnival, Linz, Austria, July 2007
  • Presetation, Games, Girls and Graphics Conference, Auckland NZ, July 2007
  • Workshop, Studio XX, Montreal, Canada, June 2007
  • Workshop, TUANZ Education Conference, Nelson, NZ, March 2007
  • Workshop, UCSD Computer Arts, San Diego, USA, February 2007
  • Workshop, Whitireia Polytechnic, Wellington NZ, November 2006
  • Workshop, Dunedin Fringe Festival, Dunedin NZ, October 2006
  • Lecture, Media Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, August 2006
  • Workshop, Eclectic Tech Carnival, Timisoara, Romania, September 2006
  • Workshop, Computing Women's Congress, Waikato University, NZ, February 2006
  • Presentation, _emerge_ ADA Symposium, Dunedin, NZ, December 2005
  • Presentation, Trondheim Matchmaking, Norway, October 2004
  • Workshop, Eclectic Tech Carnival, Belgrade, Serbia, July 2004
  • Workshop, FAKI Festival, Zagreb, Croatia; 24 May 2004
  • Workshop, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK; 28 February 2004
  • Lecture, Aberystwyth University, Wales; 16 February 2004
  • Lecture, Goldsmiths University, London UK; 12 February 2004
  • Outline, ITI-conference at MindTrek, Tampere, Finland; November 2003
  • Lecture, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland; October 24 2003
  • Workshop, Mesto Zensk City of Women Contemporary Arts Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia; October 2003
  • Presentation, [09]03 Music Festival, Auckland, NZ; October 2003
  • Presentation, Plaything Symposium, Sydney, Australia; October 2003
  • Workshop, INFANT Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia; June 2003
  • Presentation, Magdalena Australia, Brisbane, Australia, April 2003
  • Presentation, Medi@terra New Media Festival, Athens, Greece, December 2002
  • Lecture, Aberystwyth University, Wales; November 2002
  • Lecture, Manchester Metropolitan University, England; November 2002
  • Presentation, MediaLab South Pacific, Wellington, New Zealand, October 2002
  • Presentation, Arts International, New York City, USA; April 2002
  • Lecture, Williams College, Williamstown, MA, USA; March 2002
  • Lecture, New York University, New York, USA; March 2002
  • Workshop, (e)vision, Wellington, New Zealand; February 2002
  • lecture /demo, St. Johns College, York, UK; November 2001
  • Presentation, Magdalena Australia, Brisbane, Australia; October 2001
  • Presentation, Odin Teatret, Holstebro, Denmark; January 2001